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Retirement or rebirth? Don’t let football trap you.

Retirement or rebirth? It all depends how you choose to frame it. My biggest bit of advice to current players is don’t let the game of football trap you. We all get told to ‘stick to what you know’ ‘stick to what you are good at’. Anyone that is reading this that is a currentContinue reading “Retirement or rebirth? Don’t let football trap you.”


Academy football in the media

I’ve wanted to write this for some time but have always refrained, but continuously see stories in the press about academy football and how players are used as commodities, are mistreated and left on the scrapheap after being in an academy system. There are lots of statistics out there and I saw another today thatContinue reading “Academy football in the media”

Money In Football: Keeping Up Appearances

This is an area I have been meaning to write about for a long time and it is also a very taboo subject in football, in particular the level that I played at. I saw a tweet this week from Rob Swaine, a non-league footballer who I had played against over the years, saying thatContinue reading “Money In Football: Keeping Up Appearances”

Where are they now? Brentford Youth team – Class of 2007

What happens when you are released as an 18-year-old and feel like your world has ended? I’ve always been fascinated by the different journeys people go on after being dedicated to playing football for so long. The two years that are spent as a youth team player are often the best two years of yourContinue reading “Where are they now? Brentford Youth team – Class of 2007”

Retirement of footballers & sports people: More needs to be done

I’ve been thinking about opening up on a few aspects of retirement of footballers and sports people for a while now and after seeing the tragic events of an ex player taking his own life on new year’s eve and also speaking to other ex-players who have really struggled, I thought I would share someContinue reading “Retirement of footballers & sports people: More needs to be done”